Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 9: A New Agenda for Peace


The challenges that we face can be addressed only through stronger international cooperation. The Summit of the Future, in 2024, is an oppor-tunity to agree on multilateral solutions for a bet-ter tomorrow, strengthening global governance for both present and future generations. Here is the Policy Brief.

“In my capacity as Secretary-General, I have been invited to provide inputs to the preparations for the Summit in the form of action-oriented recommendations, build-ing on the proposals contained in my report enti-tled “Our Common Agenda”, which was itself a response to the declaration on the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations. The present policy brief is one such input.”



In the declaration on the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations, heads of State and Government undertook to promote peace and prevent conflicts. Honouring this pledge will require major changes by Member States, in their own actions and in their commitment to uphold and strengthen the multilateral system as the only viable means to address an interlocking set of global threats and deliver on the promises of the Charter of the United Nations around the world.

Member States must provide a response to the deep sense of unease which has grown among nations and people that Governments and inter-national organizations are failing to deliver for them. For millions of people, the sources of that disappointment are to be found in the horrors of hunger, displacement and violence.
Inequalities and injustices, within and among nations, are giving rise to new grievances. They have sown distrust in the potential of multilateral solutions to improve lives and have amplified calls for new forms of isolationism. As the planet warms, mar-ginalization grows and conflicts rage, young peo-ple everywhere have grown disillusioned at the prospects for their future.