Be Smurfs, Stay Home and Wash your Hands

New week, same goals: stay positive, wash your hands regularly with soap, and stay at home. That is the mantra.

The Smurfs have come to the rescue to lead by example and help children embrace these basic gestures and crucial mindset needed to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be SMURF, wash your hands, #COVID19

The two visuals offered to the United Nations, which will be shared on their Facebook page with 13 million followers, hope to encourage children to practice this daily routine at home while still having fun. With their values of friendliness, solidarity and peace, the Smurfs use their drawings to explain to young people how relevant the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are in their daily lives.

Popular across the world and especially in China, Europe, the United States, Japan and Russia, the light-hearted drawings are helpful for conveying crucial UN messages at times of crisis. Humour, solidarity and kindness are key when going through an unimaginable crisis, especially for children.

Be SMURF, stay home, #COVID19

They are facing new daily lives: classes have been stopped, there are no meet-ups with friends, possible loneliness, anxiety, and more. The blue Smurfs can help them embrace boredom and find new ways of creating and learning to spend time wisely. It is valuable for them to know that we are all in the same boat. We are a society that sticks together and helps each other out, no matter the circumstances.

Smurfs say thank you to frontline staff


Additional Colouring Pages for Kids:

You can print out the two photos for kids to colour in (click here to download large image files).

Smurf colouring page #stayHome #COVID19

DOWNLOAD THE ZIP FILE FOR LARGE PRINTABLE IMAGES. Smurf colouring page #washhands #safehands #COVID19


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