Holocaust Remembrance Day screening: ‘The Accountant of Auschwitz’

When: Monday 27 January, 19:00 | Where: Cinéma Galeries, Brussels

Holocaust Remembrance Day screening: Accountant of Auschwitz, film poster
Runtime: 78′

To mark the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, The United Nations presents: ‘The Accountant of Auschwitz’

In 2015, 94-year-old former German SS officer Oskar Gröning, nicknamed “The Accountant of Auschwitz”, went on trial in his home country, charged with complicity in the murder of 300,000 Jews at Auschwitz in 1944. The Accountant of Auschwitz is a gripping look at the race against time to prosecute the last living Nazi war criminals before it’s too late. Gröning’s trial reflects not only one frail bookkeeper’s penitence, but the world’s responsibility to hold the worst of human horrors forever to public view. Bringing war criminals to justice, with no statute of limitations, asks fundamental moral questions with few simple answers.

Our Holocaust Remembrance Day screening will be introduced by Birgit Van Hout, Regional Representative for Europe, United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR)

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