El Patrón

by Sebastián Schindel

In association with the ILO “50 for Freedom” campaign to end modern slavery, Ciné-ONU screened ‘EL PATRÓN’

El Patron film cover How much exploitation can a man take? El Patrón (The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime) is a solid social thriller based on a true story. A humble peon finds a job in a Bueno Aires’ butcher shop. His boss, a sinister character, introduces him to the meat business while subjecting him, by means of pressure and extortion, to slavery. The boss overwhelming cruelty inevitably leads to tragedy. This film delicately tackles some of the thorniest issues facing Argentina, among them regionalism, class discrepancies, corruption and judicial rigidity. Its universal subject matter of worker exploitation garnered El Patrón several prizes in festivals all over the world.


The screening was followed by a discussion with:

  • Mr. Joaquín Furriel, Lead actor in El Patrón
  • Ms. Anne-Marie von Harx-Vernon, Deputy Director of the shelter “Au coeur des Grottes” and elected Member of the Grand Conseil of the Republic and Canton of Geneva

Moderator: Ms. Aurélie Hauchère Vuong, Advocacy and Communication Officer (Bridge Project), International Labour Organization (ILO)


Presented in partnership with the International Labour Organization:

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