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‘Go Goals’ family board game to learn about Sustainable Development

Keeping children busy during confinement can be a real challenge. As a result, board games have grown increasingly popular as a go-to family activity during confinement. At the United Nations, we developed our own board game that is available in twenty languages and free of charge.

“Go Goals” was designed inhouse by our team at the United Nations Regional Information Centre. Easy to play, the game teaches you about the Sustainable Development Goals in a simple and child-friendly way. It introduces the family to topics including gender, climate change, development, and other global issues and priorities.

Do you know how much food is wasted every day around the world? Which country has the highest number of women represented in Parliament? What renewable energy is? So many questions to which the game gives the answers.

When the confinement ends, and the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we will be living in a changed world. One where we will need to rethink our way of living, working, consuming, etc… more so than ever before, understanding global issues will be crucial to leaving no one behind.

The game comes as a build-it-yourself package. Download the game, print the various elements, including the game board, question cards, pawns and dice. Cut-up and build your own personalised game (get creative with your character pawns and colour in those dice). Within a few minutes, the game can begin.

Available in 20 languages! Visit the website and start playing.


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