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Iaco’s Tale – Beyond Arunachal Pradesh

“Iaco’s Tale – Beyond Arunachal Pradesh”, by Gaia Ceriana-Franchetti

Screened on 15 December 2009

Runtime: 66′

Iacobella, a young woman, is travelling on her own in a remote Himalayan tribal area in Arunachal Pradesh, northeast India, to visits an orphanage near the capital Tawang. There Lama Thupten asks her to accompany a boy Tenzin to Shillong to search for a good school for him. Tenzin, ‘a very special boy’, has a big imagination and he believes that he’s able to connect with the cosmos. On the way they meet two more people: Tashi, another boy from a Mompa village Lhou and his teacher Dawa. They decide to travel together because Dawa and Tashi also want to go to Shillong to visit schools. Iaco’s Tale tells the story of a joyful relationship enriched by Tenzin’s visions. The two boys become good friends and through their eyes we get to see tribal customs in rural areas and the school system in contemporary India.

The film was followed by a Q&A session with film maker Gaia Ceriana-Franchetti and Simone di Bagno, former film producer for the United Nations Department of Public Information.

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