My Life as a Refugee

Available on Android and iOS

Every minute 8 people are forced to flee war, persecution or terror. If conflict threatened your family, what would you do?

Built for iOS and Android, “My Life as a Refugee” is a decision-making game that entertains and educates players, compelling them to wrestle with dilemmas faced by millions of refugees. The app features three stories whose characters are separated from their families while fleeing persecution or armed conflict.

After selecting a character, players face a series of tough decisions and chance events in a quest to reach safety, reunite with loved ones and rebuild their lives. The role play revolves around three main characters who have been displaced and separated from their families. Months or years of narrative are compressed into each of the stories. Players have to make decisions along the way in order to reach safety. The events and outcome of each story depend on the decisions that the player makes, resulting in a potentially different experience every time.

“My Life as a Refugee” was developed by UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. Each story is based on real-life experiences of families torn apart by war or persecution.


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