Plague Inc: The Cure – WHO and gamers join forces


Available on Android, PC and iOS

Leading disease outbreak experts have come together to show gamers everywhere how to spot and stop a pandemic.

A new expansion of the hit mobile game Plague Inc, now sees players trying to save the world from a deadly global pandemic, rather than destroying it with one.

Plague Inc. The Cure was developed by Ndemic Creations in collaboration with infectious disease experts from the World Health Organization (WHO),  Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).

Players’ skills are put to the test as they try to save the world by balancing public health measures, research and development, and social and economic factors in order to keep the disease under control, all while maintaining public trust. The game holds a mirror to nations everywhere, emphasizing the importance of vaccine research, manufacturing and distribution to mitigate outbreaks, as well as the need for global cooperation to accelerate development.

As part of this collaboration, Ndemic Creations and WHO launched a new public awareness campaign bringing together gamers and WHO experts to promote actions everyone can take to stay healthy and learn to detect and act upon misinformation.

Through this campaign, anyone can watch a 45-minute joint game-play where WHO and GOARN experts comment on decisions made by gamers in real-time and compare it with public health management in real-life scenarios. The game also showcases WHO health and safety COVID-19 messaging and prevention tips for players to take offline and use in their daily lives.


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