Strong Nordic support for Türkiye and Syria

Nordic countries earthquakes
People search for survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building in Aleppo, Syria. © UNHCR/Hameed Maarouf

The Nordic Countries have all rallied to the support of Türkiye and Syria after the deadly earthquakes on Monday. The governments of the five countries have announced financial support to UN agencies and humanitarian organisations, as well as sending specialist help workers.


The general public has also reacted strongly. The Danish Red Cross has collected 10 million Danish kronor (€1.34 millions) in less than two days. The Danish state has donated 30 milion DKK (€4 millions) “The donation will be used for basic necessities, such as blankets, sleeping bags, water, food and in some cases cash,” says Dan Jørgensen the minister for development coordination.


Finland will be providing €1 million in humanitarian assistance to Türkiye and Syria through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. In addition to humanitarian assistance, Finland is sending experts to Türkiye to assist in rescue and relief work.

“The scale of human distress is immense in the region, and fear of aftershocks makes it worse. Finland wants to help quickly those affected by the disaster,” says Minister for Development Cooperation Ville Skinnari.

Nordic countries earthquakes
Search and rescue efforts continue in Syria. Photo: OCHA/Ali Haj Suleiman


A team of Icelandic specialists in earthquake search and rescue operation management has arrived in Türkiye. The specialists are part of the International Search and rescue advisory group (INSARAG), a global network of more than 90 countries and organizations under the United Nations. In addition, Iceland will provide financial assistance through international organisations and NGOs.


Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has announced that Norway is providing NOK 150 million (€13.6 million) in funding to the UN, the Red Cross and the major Norwegian humanitarian organisations for relief efforts in the areas hit by the earthquake, in both Türkiye and Syria. Norway has also sent four experts to assist in coordinating the crisis response.

‘This is a fight against the clock and winter temperatures are making the situation even more precarious. The earthquake has left tremendous destruction in its wake,’ said Mr Støre.


The Swedish Government has announced a contribution of SEK 37 million (€3.27)  in humanitarian support through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the UN Central Emergency Response

“The core support that Sweden is already contributing makes a big difference on the ground in Türkiye and Syria,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation, Johan Forssell.

The first group of Swedish personnel flew to Turkey twenty-four hours after the earthquake.  The Government has also authorised the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency to offer support via NATO.

In addition, a joint Nordic team of 12 specialists from Denmark, Finland and Sweden have been sent to Türkiye on behalf of EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre.


People search for survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building in Aleppo, Syria.   © UNHCR/Hameed Maarouf