Deadline: 2 October 2023


Aimed at companies and cities that are internationally active. Applicants who demonstrate a significant contribution to sustainable industrial development and generate a global impact and international synergies will be honoured with the UNIDO Innovation Award.

The UNIDO Innovation Award is awarded in two categories:

  • Companies
  • Cities

At the midpoint of Agenda 2030, the achievement of the SDGs is at risk due to a slowdown in progress caused by the climate crisis, economic fluctuations, ongoing conflicts and the repercussions and effects of the pandemic. There has never been a greater need for action to improve the satisfaction of elementary basic needs as well as climate and environmental protection on an equal level.

Announcing the UNIDO Innovation Award 2023, organized in conjunction with the German SDG Award 2023, Director General Gerd Müller said, “We want to recognize trailblazers who bring innovation solutions for sustainable development…pioneers from companies, cities and municipalities that are internationally active, bringing ideas with a global reach.”

With the initiative of the German SDG Award and the UNIDO Innovation Award, they will highlight ideas and solution-oriented impulses and projects in order to tackle and successfully implement common challenges together.


The German SDG Award honours pioneers who make an exemplary contribution to achieving the SDG framework and highlights their exemplary and impactful projects and activities to a broader public and wider audience. In addition to honouring pioneers and role models, the key focus will be on the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals across society and the economy. The German SDG Award 2023 is aimed at pioneers who are primarily active in Germany or operate from Germany. The German SDG Award 2023 is awarded in three categories:

  • Companies
  • Youth & Education
  • Cities, municipalities & counties


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