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“What is artificial intelligence? There is no universal definition of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is generally considered to be a discipline of computer science that is aimed at developing machines and systems that can carry out tasks considered to require human intelligence. Machine learning and deep learning are two subsets of AI. In recent years, with the development of new neural networks techniques and hardware, AI is usually perceived as a synonym for “deep supervised machine learning”.”

WIPO Website on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

“AI brings enormous benefits to the digital era, but it can also significantly compromise the safety and agency of users worldwide. Enhanced multi-stakeholder efforts on global AI cooperation are needed to help build global capacity for the development and use of AI in a manner that is trustworthy, human rights-based, safe and sustainable, and promotes peace.”

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation:
Providing Global Steerage on Artificial Intelligence (1-page brief)

“We need a global, multidisciplinary conversation in order to examine, assess and align the application of AI and other emerging technologies. Over 100 sets of ethical AI principles have been developed by different stakeholders, and they share many common ideas, including the need for AI applications to be reliable, transparent, accountable, overseen by humans and capable of being shut down. Different stakeholders are adapting existing frameworks or developing new ones for risk management and redress. They need to be harmonized and effective across borders. Industry self-regulation is not enough. We need to bring stakeholders together in a meaningful effort to consider the implications of emerging technologies and ensure that they align with universal human rights and values before their widespread application in our societies, economies, militaries and politics.”

Our Common Agenda – Policy Brief 5: A Global Digital Compact –
An Open, Free and Secure Digital Future for All (May 2023)


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14 June 2024
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