WHO: Hottest health topics, Russian-language

“The how of WHO” (“ВОЗ рекомендует” in Russian) is a podcast from WHO/Europe. It is tailored specifically to the interests of Russian speakers across the broad and diverse WHO European Region. The aim of the podcast is to explain in simple terms where public health recommendations come from and what an individual can do to stay healthy.

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An insight into WHO work

WHO/Europe promotes a comprehensive approach to tackling NCDs and aims to help countries implement effective programmes and address risk factors. Podcast episodes will explain how WHO/Europe develops recommendations, norms and standards, guidance, and public health tools.

Actions for promotion of health and well-being in countries across the Region are an integral part of the European Programme of Work 2020–2025 – “United Action for Better Health in Europe”. The podcast series will contribute to promoting health and well-being in Russian-speaking countries by raising public awareness of important health issues at the country level.