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Yasuni Man

by Ryan Killackey

Yasuni Man film poster
Runtime: 92′

In the depths of South America, where the Andes, the Amazon and the Equator collide, a wilderness exists that is home to Ecuador’s last remaining people in voluntary isolation, whom aggressively defend their territory. The forest in which they live may claim our planet’s highest biodiversity. A place where mammals, birds, plants and amphibians reach peak diversity, together. Because of its biological diversity and cultural significance, the forest was designated a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve – Ecuador’s largest national park and Waorani Indigenous territory. It is now known as the Yasuni Man and Biosphere Reserve. This multi-award winning feature documentary ushers the viewer into a world unexplored and illustrates a cautionary tale of the far-reaching impact our dependence on fossil fuels can have on wildlife and indigenous people.

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