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WHO launches a chatbot on Facebook Messenger to combat COVID-19 misinformation (15 April 2020):


Infographics and videos in over 30 languages:

Virtual press conference on COVID-19: Transitioning – key considerations when planning response, easing restrictions and shifting strategies, Thursday, 16 April 2020, 11:00 CEST,-easing-restrictions-and-shifting-strategies

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First Person: DR Congo doctor prepares for latest in long line of health crises (16 April 2020):

Africa mobilizing to minimize losses as COVID-19 pandemic continues worldwide advance (15 April 2020):

Migrants among most vulnerable, as IOM ramps up coronavirus response worldwide (15 April 2020):

WHO reviewing impact of US funding withdrawal amid COVID-19 pandemic (15 April 2020):

Even during COVID-19, art ‘brings us closer together than ever’ – UN cultural agency (15 April 2020):

First Person: The power of art in a time of coronavirus crisis (15 April 2020):

Relaxing lockdowns without boosting care could lead to new COVID spike: WHO (15 April 2020):

COVID-19 environmental roll back ‘irrational’ and irresponsible’: rights expert (15 April 2020):

Photo Story: US now the global epicentre of COVID-19 pandemic:


All Efforts Must Aim at Common Enemy, Secretary-General Tells African Group, Warning Continent Could Suffer Greatest Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic (SG/SM/20046, 15 April 2020):


United Nations working to mitigate COVID-19 impact on children (15 April 2020):

Musicians form online ensemble during pandemic (15 April 2020): 


Digital technologies critical in facing COVID-19 pandemic (15 April 2020):

UN/DESA Policy Brief #61: COVID-19: Embracing digital government during the pandemic and beyond (14 April 2020):

Commodity-dependent developing countries face risk of economic crisis even before a direct hit from Covid-19 (15 April 2020):

UN/DESA Policy Brief #60: Commodity exporters face mounting economic challenges as pandemic spreads (14 April 2020):

COVID-19 – when data save lives (9 April 2020):

Statistics • COVID-19 response:

UN COVID-19 Data Hub:


Mobilizing Resources to Prevent Violent Conflict and Build Peace in Uncertain Times (DPPA Politically Speaking, 13 April 2020):


Peacekeeping amid a pandemic (15 April 2020):

UNPOL’s coordinator of Serious and Organized Crime, Bruno Isohi Shioso, explores how UN Police is drawing on its experience in containing Ebola to help fight COVID-19 in fragile contexts.


Africa’s Increased Capacity to Diagnose and Contain Ebola and other Zoonotic Diseases with Nuclear-Derived Techniques (15 April 2020):


ICAO calls on countries to grant speedy authorization and access for repatriation flights (15 April 2020): 


Catastrophe Containment And Relief Trust—Approval Of Grant Assistance For Debt Service Relief (15 April 2020):

Policy Paper:

Blog: COVID-19 Pandemic and the Asia-Pacific Region: Lowest Growth Since the 1960s:

IMF Adds Liquidity Line to Strengthen COVID-19 Response (15 April 2020):

Transcript of April 2020 European Department Press Briefing (15 April 2020):

Exceptional Times, Exceptional Action: Opening Remarks for Spring Meetings Press Conference (15 April 2020):

Blog: Fiscal Policies to Contain the Damage from COVID-19 (15 April 2020):

Six Charts Show How COVID-19 Is an Unprecedented Threat to Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (15 April 2020):

An Unprecedented Threat to Development in Africa  (15 April 2020):

Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Middle East and Central Asia (15 April 2020):

Countries of the Middle East and Central Asia region have been hit by two large and reinforcing shocks, resulting in significantly weaker growth projections in 2020. In addition to the devastating toll on human health, the COVID-19 pandemic and the plunge in oil prices are causing economic turmoil (15 April 2020):   


IOM Launches USD 499 Million Expanded COVID-19 Response Plan to Help Address Critical Socio-Economic Impacts of Pandemic (15 April 2020):


Ghana launches COVID-19 Tracker App (15 April 2020):


Myanmar: UN supports COVID-19 response efforts (15 April 2020):


COVID-19: “Not an excuse” to roll back environmental protection and enforcement, UN rights expert says (15 April 2020):

Responses to COVID-19 crisis: UN expert urges more government spending targeting inequality, not big business (15 April 2020):


Roses in the battlefield: rural women farmers join the fight against COVID-19 in China (15 April 2020):

HeForShe launches #HeForSheAtHome campaign (15 April 2020):   


Keeping HIV treatment available in Pakistan during COVID-19 (15 April 2020):


“Re-emerge With a New Concept of Humanity”: Conclusions of the Discussion Between the Governing Bodies for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the countries of the Americas and the Caribbean to Confront the COVID-19 Pandemic (15 April 2020):


COVID-19 UNDP’s Integrated Response (15 April 2020):


The economic impact of COVID-19 on African cities likely to be acute through a sharp decline in productivity, jobs and revenues, says ECA (15 April 2020):


UNECE launches platform to help National Statistical Offices navigate ‎challenges for official statistics during COVID-19 crisis‎ (15 April 2020):

COVID-19 and official statistics:


How to change the world (and five sources of inspiration) (15 April 2020):

Statement from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy: The Choices We Make Now Will Shape the Future (14 April 2020):


Read the Director-General’s Op-Ed in the Financial Times on long-term investment in scientific research and the call for Open Science (15 April 2020):

UNESCO RESILIART DEBATE: Artists and Creativity beyond Crisis (15 April 2020):

Culture & COVID-19: Impact and Response Tracker (15 April 2020):


ESCWA: 74 million in the Arab region at risk of COVID-19 due to lack of access to a handwashing facility (15 April 2020):


When quarantine is unsafe: Domestic violence survivors seek help in Ukraine (15 April 2020):


Practical Recommendations and Good Practice to Address Protection Concerns in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: 


Message from Madrid: We Have to Wake Up Quickly! (15 April 2020):

COVID-19 Response: 96% Of Global Destinations Impose Travel Restrictions, UNWTO Reports (15 April 2020):


WIPO Launches Online Dashboard to Monitor Operations (15 April 2020):


Joint Statement by World Bank Group President David Malpass and IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Outcome of G20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting (15 April 2020):

BRIEF: Food Security and COVID-19 (15 April 2020):