COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 26 Giugno


Digital health is about empowering people (25 June 2020):

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Yemen: millions of children facing deadly hunger, amidst aid shortages and COVID-19 (26 June 2020):

DR Congo: COVID-19 slows pace of reform, exacerbates fragile security situation (26 June 2020):

UN tallies action so far to fight COVID-19, and roadmap out of the pandemic (25 June 2020):

Coronavirus casts ‘huge shadow’ over Afghan life as multi-dimensional crisis continues (25 June 2020):

COVID-19’s far reaching impact on global drug abuse (25 June 2020):


UN Response to COVID-19:

United Nations Comprehensive Response to COVID-19: Saving Lives, Protecting Societies, Recovering Better:

Nursing student protects her indigenous community against COVID-19 (25 June 2020):


Press Conference by Secretary-General António Guterres at United Nations Headquarters (SG/SM/20142, 25 June 2020):


COVID-19 Exacerbating Hardship for People with Disabilities, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Network Round Table, Urging Action to Create Inclusive Societies (DSG/SM/1423, 25 June 2020):

Deputy Secretary-General, at Discussion Groups Launch, Says Post-Pandemic Recovery Should Focus on Creating Strong Financial Architecture, Erasing Inequalities (DSG/SM/1422, 24 June 2020):


ILO to hold virtual, Global Summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work (26 June 2020):–en/index.htm   

ILO to release updated analysis of effects of COVID-19 on labour markets (25 June 2020):–en/index.htm  


Financial Conditions Have Eased, but Insolvencies Loom Large (25 June 2020):


Migration Project for Moroccan Students in Spain Surmounts COVID-19 Challenges (26 June 2020):


ITU to hold Economic Experts Roundtable on COVID-19 and the digital economy (25 June 2020):

Facing global crises: A vision for the future from today’s youth (26 June 2020):

The need for increased digital accessibility during COVID-19 — and beyond (26 June 2020):


COVID-19 exacerbates the risk of ill-treatment and torture worldwide – UN experts (26 June 2020):

UN experts call for further and swifter measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, particularly in detention facilities in Yemen (25 June 2020):


Harm reduction continues for people who use drugs during COVID-19 in Côte d’Ivoire (26 June 2020):


COVID-19 accelerates greater trade coordination in East Africa (26 June 2020):

UNCTAD, ITC and WTO roll out tool to help businesses trade better (26 June 2020):


Facing down injustice in the age of a pandemic (25 June 2020):


ECLAC’s COVID-19 Observatory: An Instrument Supporting Latin America and the Caribbean in Times of Pandemic (25 June 2020): 


Why optimized cold-chains could save a billion COVID vaccines (26 June 2020):


UNESCO’s “Next Normal” campaign:

10 weeks, 70 days, 1,000 different voices (26 June 2020):

My COVID-19 Story: Peacebuilding Skills (25 June 2020):

UNESCO experts led young media influencers to promote COVID-19 awareness campaign for community safety and fighting Disinfodemic (25 June 2020):


ESCWA: COVID-19 exposes 32 million older persons to lack of health care and aggravates the problems of young people in the Arab region (25 June 2020):


Youth mobilize to support Egypt’s front-line health workers (25 June 2020):


“To control COVID-19, we have to make hand hygiene accessible to all” – UNICEF and WHO: Joint statement by Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, and Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, on the launch of the ‘Hand Hygiene for All’ joint initiative (26 June 2020):  

Yemeni children face deadly hunger and aid shortages as COVID-19 pandemic spreads – UNICEF (26 June 2020):


New publication: Business continuity and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis (24 June 2020):


UNODC World Drug Report 2020: Global drug use rising; while COVID-19 has far reaching impact on global drug markets (25 June 2020):—global-launch-of-the-2020-world-drug-report.html


Japan contributes US$ 289,319 to UNRWA Jordan in response to the Agency’s COVID-19 Flash Appeal (26 June 2020):

Germany disburses EUR 20 Million to Support UNRWA COVID-19 Flash Appeal (25 June 2020): 


Providing alternative cooking fuel to refugees amidst COVID-19 (24 June 2020):


UNWTO Welcomes New App Designed to Facilitate Safe and Secure Border Crossings (25 June 2020):