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COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 27 Luglio


Member States must take action to ensure the safety and health of migrant and displaced populations, warn WHO and IOM: Statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Mrs Carmela Godeau (26 July 2020): http://www.emro.who.int/media/news/26-july-2020-member-states-must-take-action-to-ensure-the-safety-and-health-of-migrant-and-displaced-populations-warn-who-and-iom.html

UN News

COVID-19 means development setbacks for Mongolia: a UN Resident Coordinator’s blog (25 July 2020): https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/07/1068821

Zimbabwe: COVID-19 must not be used to stifle freedoms, says UN rights office (24 July 2020): https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/07/1069011


COVID-19 Testing for Truck Drivers Helps Open Trade in IOM-TMEA Partnership (24 July 2020): https://www.iom.int/news/covid-19-testing-truck-drivers-helps-open-trade-iom-tmea-partnership

IOM, UNICEF Assist Migrant Children Affected by Pandemic (24 July 2020): https://www.iom.int/news/iom-unicef-assist-migrant-children-affected-pandemic

Livelihood, Psychosocial Support as Shipwreck Survivors Contribute to COVID-19 Response in the Gambia (24 July 2020): https://www.iom.int/news/livelihood-psychosocial-support-shipwreck-survivors-contribute-covid-19-response-gambia

IOM Strengthens Capacity of Airport Frontliners as Freetown International Airport Reopens (24 July 2020): https://www.iom.int/news/iom-strengthens-capacity-airport-frontliners-freetown-international-airport-reopens 


How Saudi Arabia is deploying ICTs against COVID-19 – and beyond (24 July 2020): http://news.itu.int/how-saudi-arabia-is-deploying-icts-against-covid-19-and-beyond/ 


Central African Republic: UN CERF allocates $5 million to NGOs to scale up COVID-19 response (24 July 2020): https://www.unocha.org/story/central-african-republic-un-cerf-allocates-5-million-ngos-scale-covid-19-response

Cyclones in the time of COVID-19: Preparing for and responding to climate-related disasters (24 July 2020): https://www.unocha.org/story/cyclones-time-covid-19-preparing-and-responding-climate-related-disasters


A new interactive project map sources the best solutions to COVID-19 in the slums (27 July 2020): https://unhabitat.org/a-new-interactive-project-map-sources-the-best-solutions-to-covid-19-in-the-slums


Supporting small farmers during COVID-19 (24 July 2020): https://medium.com/@UNDP/supporting-small-farmers-during-covid-19-45ecade198d0


UNESCO International Literacy Prizes Jury meets to choose the best literacy programmes in the context of COVID-19 (24 July 2020): https://en.unesco.org/news/unesco-international-literacy-prizes-jury-meets-choose-best-literacy-programmes-context-covid


UNHCR stresses urgent need for States to end unlawful detention of refugees and asylum-seekers, amidst COVID-19 pandemic (24 July 2020): https://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2020/7/5f1569344/

UNHCR expands support to refugees and host communities in Brazil as COVID-19 takes its toll (24 July 2020): https://www.unhcr.org/news/briefing/2020/7/5f1a96f84/


WTO report shows members moving to facilitate imports even as trade restrictions remain high (24 July 2020): https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/news20_e/trdev_24jul20_e.htm





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