COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 3 Luglio


Global scientific community unites to track progress on COVID-19 R&D, identifies new research priorities and critical gaps (2 July 2020):

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Protecting migrant workers in Kuwait: a Resident Coordinator’s blog (3 July 2020):

COVID-19 fast becoming protection crisis, Guterres warns Security Council (2 July 2020):

Helping youth enterprise take off, will bring sustainable returns, say UN economists (2 July 2020):


COVID-19 used to mask domestic horrors (2 July 2020):


As COVID-19, Global Fragilities Threaten Peace, Shared Well-Being, Efforts Must Focus on Saving Lives, Buttressing Security, Secretary-General Tells Security Council (SG/SM/20157, 2 July 2020):

Buddha’s Teachings Are Reminder That Tackling COVID-19 Challenge Requires Unity, Solidarity, Secretary-General Says in Remarks for International Vesak Day (SG/SM/20156, 2 July 2020):


Special Session of the General Assembly on COVID-19

2 Jul 2020

Letter dated 2 July 2020 regarding the Special Session of the General Assembly on COVID-19

Mobilizing and Retaining Resources to Build Back Better: Financial Integrity in Post-COVID World

1 Jul 2020

Letter dated 1 July 2020 informing about a virtual side event of High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) on 10 July 2020, from 12:15 to 13:30 p.m., entitled “Mobilizing and Retaining Resources to Build Back Better: Financial Integrity in Post-COVID World”


Global food commodity prices rebound in June (2 June 2020):


Peru: New IFAD-funded project to help family farmers to increase productivity and recover from COVID-19 (2 July 2020): 


Blog: Let’s talk openly about mental health in the workplace (3 July 2020):


UN torture prevention body: COVID-19 shows need to strengthen national preventive mechanisms (2 July 2020):


COVID-19 and the SDGs: How the ‘roadmap for humanity’ could be changed by a pandemic:


The Pandemic’s Impacts on the Hardest-Hit Production Sectors Will Affect One Third of Employment in the Region and One Fourth of GDP (2 July 2020):


Amid pandemic, Ethiopia launches national policy to encourage walking and cycling (2 July 2020):

Electric mobility could help clean the air and boost green jobs as part of the COVID-19 recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean (2 July 2020):

‘COVID-19 is a wake-up call’: Ghana to develop national plan for climate adaptation (2 July 2020):


Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic in China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (2 July 2020):


Disaster Communication for Teachers (3 July 2020):


COVID-19: EU Humanitarian Air Bridge helps deliver over 50 tonnes of UNICEF supplies for vulnerable children and families (2 July 2020):   


Cleantech innovators take on COVID-19 (2 July 2020):

What will a path to an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery from COVID-19 look like? (2 July 2020):


UNODC, IOC and INTERPOL show the way in placing integrity at the core of post COVID-19 sport (1 July 2020):–ioc-and-interpol-and-unodc-show-the-way-in-placing-integrity-at-the-core-of-post-covid-19-sport.html

Policy Paper: 


UNWTO and Telefónica Partner To Help Destinations Use Data and AI to Drive Tourism’s Sustainable Recovery (2 July 2020):


Coronavirus and hunger: WFP ready to assist largest number of people ever (2 July 2020):

WFP supplements Government support to poor families in Kenya hit by COVID-19 (2 July 2020):


Air Pollution: Locked Down by COVID-19 but Not Arrested (2 July 2020):