COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 5 Giugno


WHO welcomes crucial new funding for vaccines (4 June 2020):

Nature is our Greatest Source of Health and Well-Being: WHO Celebrates World Environment Day 2020, for Nature and for People (5 June 2020): 

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Coronavirus leading to ‘desperately unequal’ learning levels: UNICEF (4 June 2020):

Protect the environment, prevent pandemics, ‘nature is sending us a clear message’ (4 June 2020):

India must follow Supreme Court orders to protect 100 million migrant workers: UN rights experts (4 June 2020):

Vital UN peace and security work continues amid COVID-19 challenge (4 June 2020):

‘Global solidarity’ needed, to find affordable, accessible COVID-19 vaccine (4 June 2020):


Bolivian rapper drops beats to beat COVID-19 (4 June 2020):


Everyone, Everywhere Must Have Access to Eventual COVID-19 Immunization, Secretary-General Says in Video Message for Global Vaccine Summit (SG/SM/20108, 4 June 2020): 


Dozens of Countries Receive COVID-19 Testing Equipment from the IAEA (4 June 2020):


COVID-19 Response and Recovery Platform:


Blog: If a ’new normal’ is to be a better normal it must include persons with disabilities (4 June 2020):

Social Finance Podcast – Episode 1 – COVID-19, insurance, and financial inclusion (4 June 2020):–en/index.htm 


Sweden: Will COVID-19 Economics be Different? (4 June 2020): 


IOM Iraq Provides Cash Assistance to Migrant Workers Affected by COVID-19 (5 June 2020): 


Mozambique: UN Humanitarian Coordinator calls for support to people affected by COVID-19 and violence in Cabo Delgado (4 June 2020):


COVID-19: Urgent help for India’s forgotten migrant workers must follow Supreme Court ruling, say UN experts (4 June 2020): 


Feature story: Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on key populations (4 June 2020): 


Airlines must respect consumers’ rights (4 June 2020):

BioTrade company in Myanmar shows resilience to COVID-19 shock (4 June 2020):

No vaccine will protect us against climate change (5 June 2020): 


In Jordan, survey finds most struggle to meet basic needs and access health care under lockdown (4 June 2020):

Community leaders fight COVID-19 alongside UNDP in Sudan (4 June 2020):

Celebrating biodiversity amidst a pandemic (4 June 2020):


Policymakers and business leaders to review the future of e-commerce in Africa amidst COVID-19 challenges (4 June 2020):

AfCFTA remains Africa’s ambitious plan to prosperity even in midst of COVID-19 (4 June 2020):


UNECE to support the Kyrgyz Republic in harnessing trade facilitation reforms for a ‎sustainable post-COVID recovery ‎(5 June 2020):

COVID-19 pandemic shows the importance of integrated approach to water management and ‎transboundary water cooperation ‎(4 June 2020):


Moving on from COVID-19 on the right track / Inger Andersen, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme, Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, International Association of Public Transport. (5 June 2020):

‘Earth School’ gives students in lockdown a closeup look at nature (5 June 2020):

Preventing pandemics: new report on zoonotics to be released in July (4 June 2020): 


Advancing SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy in the time of COVID-19: United Nations launches new energy progress report and regional SDG7 policy briefs (4 June 2020): 


Including learners with disabilities in COVID-19 education responses (4 June 2020):


ESCWA: 31 Arab billionaires own as much wealth as half of the region’s population – A 1.2% solidarity tax can eliminate poverty in middle-income Arab countries (3 June 2020): 


Unequal access to remote schooling amid COVID-19 threatens to deepen global learning crisis (4 June 2020):

HPV vaccine manufacturers commit to provide enough supply to immunize at least 84 million girls in Gavi countries (4 June 2020):


COVID-19: Victims of human trafficking left unemployed in Vietnam (4 June 2020): 


Real-time Research – COVID-19 Response:


Why the environment matters to human health (4 June 2020):