Ecco la guida delle Nazioni Unite ai Model UN

Model United Nations is a popular, internationally known academic activity that encourages students to learn more about international relations, diplomacy as well as how the UN operates.

Although many Model United Nations conferences are currently on hold due to COVID-19, the hundreds of clubs and conferences worldwide continue their preparations to simulate UN General Assembly or Security Council negotiations among Member States.  

Model United Nations conferences are filled with invaluable learning opportunities, ranging from becoming a country expert to practicing public speaking.

However, a student’s experience may vary because conferences and clubs operate independently. In fact, many Model United Nations do not follow the procedures used at the UN.

This is why we are excited to announce the launch of the: United Nations Guide to Model UN.

It is the official guide for Model UN student leaders and advisors to best simulate how the UN operates. It offers an overview of structure, procedures, and processes along with tips on how students can best participate in these conferences.

“This guide is an outstanding resource for educators and passionate Model UN delegates that provides an insider’s perspective to the UN system’s processes and mechanics that is hard to find anywhere else,” said Chris Talamo, Executive Director, International Model United Nations Association.

For Fiona Hellerman, a student at Tulane University who has been involved in Model UN for seven years, she has “never felt more passionate about an organization, more knowledgeable of the state of global politics, or more confident in [her] public speaking and diplomatic abilities”.

However, when she first joined Model UN in high school, she distinctly remembers feeling anxious about participating: “I would have given anything to have a guide explaining not only what to do in committee, but a dictionary for the language used in conferences, a guide on researching a position, and how to feel confident and self-assured.”