Pre-Vertice ONU sui Sistemi Alimentari: aggiornamento e risorse

UNFSS Pre-Summit: Communications update & content


  • 3000 pieces of coverage and counting
  • Coverage in all the UN languages and on all continents
  • Including coverage with: Reuters, BBC, Associated Press, Sky TV, Xinhua, SciDev, Forbes, EFE, Yahoo News, Christian Science Monitor, East African, Miami Herald, Times of India and even Hello!, New York Post, Daily Mail
  • Press releases and press conference / briefing recordings available on UNFSS website here

Coverage snapshot:

  1. Reuters: Explainer – UN summit seeks to shape a food system fit for the future [28 July] []
  2. Forbes: More Inclusive Food Systems and Innovative SMEs Take Center Stage At UN Food Systems Pre-Summit [27 July] []
  3. SciDev: Science key to food system overhaul, UN summit hears [29 July] []
  4. Xinhua: UN food systems pre-summit wraps up in Rome [29 July] []


Snapshot of channel statistics from Pre-Summit event:

Pre-Summit virtual platform

  • 18,680 users from 133 countries directly engaged on platform
  • 22,613 users tuned in to watch sessions across three days

Social media

  • 3M+ impressions across channels
  • 108M+ users potentially reached through network mentions and sharing

Pre-Summit content to share

  • On-demand: During the course of the week we will continue to upload videos of sessions, speaker highlights and Member State statements. Visit the virtual platform’s on-demand section here to view and download in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
  • Opening videoThe road to Rome and the UN Food Systems Summit  YouTube
  • SME competition winners: YouTube
  • 5 themed videos:
  • Official photo collection available on Flickr here (credit © UN Photo / Photographer name)
  • 42 quote cards of speakers currently available on UNFSS Twitter and Facebook from dates July 26 to 28 and soon to be uploaded to the Comms Hub Trello board here
  • 27 vox pop interview videos