Il Segretario Generale esprime gravi preoccupazioni per la crisi climatica nelle dichiarazioni alla stampa



New York, 15 June 2023, 12:40 p.m.

Good afternoon.

I just met with a group of civil society climate leaders from around the world.

We are months away from the SDG and Climate Ambition Summits, with COP 28 following soon after.

I am very worried about where the world stands on climate.

Countries are far off-track in meeting climate promises and commitments.

I see a lack of ambition. A lack of trust. A lack of support. A lack of cooperation. And an abundance of problems around clarity and credibility.

The climate agenda is being undermined.

At a time when we should be accelerating action, there is backtracking.

At a time when we should be filling gaps, those gaps are growing.

Meanwhile, the human rights of climate activists are being trampled.

The most vulnerable are suffering the most.

And current policies are taking the world to a 2.8 degree temperature rise by the end of the century.

That spells catastrophe.

Yet the collective response remains pitiful.

We are hurtling towards disaster, eyes wide open – with far too many willing to bet it all on wishful thinking, unproven technologies and silver bullet solutions.