Messaggio del Segretario Generale IMO Arsenio Dominguez – Giornata Internazionale delle Donne nel Settore Marittimo

In occasione della Giornata Internazionale delle Donne nel Settore Marittimo, il Segretario Generale dell’IMO, Arsenio Dominguez, ha rilasciato un messaggio vibrante e motivante che sottolinea l’importanza cruciale di questo giorno per promuovere diversità e inclusione. Questa celebrazione non solo onora i trionfi delle donne, ma si impegna attivamente a creare pari opportunità e a valorizzare il loro potenziale in un ambiente lavorativo variegato e stimolante. Con l’hashtag #WomenInMaritimeDay, Dominguez invita tutti a riflettere e agire, sottolineando l’importanza di superare gli ostacoli alla parità di genere nel settore marittimo e di guardare verso un futuro di sicurezza e innovazione, guidato dalle donne.

Ecco il messaggio originale.

Today, I am asking you to embrace the International Day of Women in Maritime as a significant step towards promoting diversity and inclusion, not only in the maritime domain, but across all spheres of society.

The goal is not just to honour women’s successes but also to advocate for equal opportunities and to unlock the full potential that a diverse workplace offers, to shine a spotlight and raise awareness on the challenges they face: discrimination, disparities, and limitations with regard to career opportunities.

Indeed, the maritime sector offers a multitude of prospects for women, spanning from seafaring to engineering, from law to logistics, and beyond.

Yet, let us not be complacent, there remains much work to be done. We must lead by example, serving as role models striving to create inclusive, empowering and safe work environments for women.

This year, our theme is: “Safe Horizons: Women Shaping the Future of Maritime Safety”; underscoring the pivotal role women play in enhancing safety measures within our industry.

Join me in championing diversity and fostering a workplace culture that breaks down all barriers to achieving gender equality. Let us make this commitment not just for today but for every day of the year!

I invite you to engage on social media using the hashtag #WomenInMaritimeDay. Share with us your insights: What does the future of maritime safety look like to you? What opportunities lie ahead as we navigate towards a greener and more digital maritime sector?

And to all of you, I leave you with a challenge, move beyond the statements and ask yourself: What steps am I taking to amplify the meaningful participation of women in the maritime industry?

I look forward to your positive actions towards building a more inclusive and diverse maritime community!