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ICJ-CIJ Mobile App


This free ICJ-CIJ mobile application is a handy tool for the legal, diplomatic, academic and media communities to keep abreast of developments at the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. It provides essential information on the Court and its activities, including on pending and concluded cases, decisions, press releases and the Court’s judicial calendar. This application allows users to receive real-time notifications as soon as a new decision or press release is published, and prompts members of the media to register for accreditation for the Court’s public hearings and readings.

The app consists of five sections: “Court” introduces the ICJ; “Cases” lists the 176 cases
dealt with by the Court since 1946; “Decisions” gives access to all of the Court’s judgments, orders and advisory opinions; “Press” shows every press release published since the Court’s establishment; and “Calendar” contains the dates of all public hearings and sittings, as well as a link to the Court’s online accreditation procedure.

Users are encouraged to enable notifications (from the settings app of their mobile device) to allow them to receive the latest decisions and press releases of the Court in real-time. To ensure optimal performance, they are also advised to update the app whenever updates are available.


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