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IFAD Indigenous Peoples Awards


Deadline: 16 October 2022

IFAD launches the second Call for Nominations for the Indigenous Peoples Awards.

The Indigenous Peoples Awards recognize the efforts and achievements of development projects that successfully engage with indigenous peoples or ethnic minorities living in rural areas. They promote best practices, share knowledge and identify opportunities to replicate and scale up results.

Nominations will be assessed according to criteria identified on the basis of the overall theme of the sixth global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD (IPFI): “Indigenous Peoples’ Climate Leadership: Community-based solutions to enhance resilience and biodiversity”.

The winning projects will be captured in a professional video and/or will be invited to participate in the sixth global meeting of the IPFI (February 2023). The awards are organized by IFAD’s Indigenous Peoples team in partnership with members of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at IFAD and the Board of the Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility (IPAF).

This initiative is open to:

  • IFAD-funded projects targeting indigenous peoples or ethnic minorities;
  • IPAF projects funded under its fifth cycle (2019);
  • Other development projects implemented by indigenous peoples or ethnic minorities’ organizations in rural areas where IFAD operates.


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