Deadline: 20 August 2022

Calling all cartoonists! Together with CARI NGO and the Observatorie du Sahara et du Sahel, UNCCD have launched an international press cartoon contest ‘Land and Drought.’ Join the competition to show the world what healthy land means for climate regulation, ecosystem protection, biodiversity and food security. Winners will receive a cash prize and an opportunity to join the Desertif’Actions Summit in Montpellier, France in October 2022.

The deadline to submit your artwork is 20 August 2022.

The international press cartoon competition “Land and Droughts” has taken the prism of droughts to better illustrate the role and place of land and soil in the functioning of the terrestrial ecosystem, climate regulation, food security, the maintenance of biodiversity and, in general, all terrestrial life and its well-being.
Droughts, their impacts and their treatment, expose a form of unconsciousness, indifference and even contempt shown by humanity for the earth and the soil. Yet warming temperatures, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity and many other threats, all linked to continued land degradation, have taken a worrying turn, which increase inequalities and poverty and threaten the future of human societies.

Through humour, derision, irony or enthusiasm, as only a drawing can do, it is a question of highlighting all the paradoxes, inconsistencies, ignorance, leaks, contempt or human arrogance expressed by the treatment that is subjected to land and soil in urban and rural areas. But also all the hopes, commitments, courage, initiatives and solutions such as agroecology, which constitute so many seeds of a change already underway for viable land and future.

The competition is open to any cartoonist from any country who has published at least one cartoon in the press since June 2021. Each draftsman may submit only two drawings, in black and white or in colour.


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