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‘Lifeblood’ & ‘Life for a child’

by Edward Lachman

Lifeblood film poster
Runtime: 35′

Directed by academy award-nominee Edward Lachman, the documentary “Lifeblood” highlights the difficulties for children with type 1 diabetes as they struggle to survive with their condition in one of Africa’s most impoverished capital cities, Kinshasa. The film features the lifesaving work of Dr. Marguerite de Clerck, a Belgian doctor, who has dedicated herself to the care of children with diabetes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Life for a Child documentary cover
Runtimes: 15′

“Life for a child” follows the journeys of children with type 1 diabetes amid the verdant mountains and swarming streets of Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries. The children are supported with life-saving medication and care by IDF’s Life for a Child Program.

The films were followed by a panel discussion which included Dr. Marguerite de Clerck (co-ordinator for diabetes care in a public health programme, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) and Dominique Dewandre (coordinator of the IDF Life for a Child Programme, Brussels).

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