MY World 360: call for immersive media creators to #TurnItAround

Organizations and leaders have started to join the collective call to #TurnItAround for a just, green and equitable recovery from the pandemic, and towards realizing the Goals. Specific calls have been made to #TurnItAround for key issues such as access to health and education; addressing poverty, inequality, hunger and climate change; rethinking the global economy; and putting an end to gender-based violence and violations of human rights.  

In 2021, MY World 360 is calling for immersive experiences that take viewers – decision-makers, individuals, business leaders, students across the world – on a journey across the two sides of this Turning Point. 

Media selected for MY World 360 will be stories of impact that inspire action: stories of women leaders and agents of change, stories that shine a spotlight on communities and individuals who are already leading on climate, progressing towards gender equality and creating a more peaceful, just and inclusive world. The stories will provoke viewers to feel the urgency as well as the opportunity to make this a turning point for people and the planet. 

Creators are invited to use whatever tools are available in their location to create media, from augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 360° video and photography, to 3D design to show the multi-dimensionality of their local communities and creative visions for a better world. Youth and first time creators are strongly encouraged to apply. See program guideproduction guide and resources.


Creators are invited to share work on a rolling basis between now and August 5, 2021 for consideration to be screened alongside UN SDG Action Campaign events and activations throughout the year.


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