Apply by 12 September 2023

The Youth Trade Summit on Gender is on 13-14 November. The summit invites young professionals and researchers aged 20-35, nominated by research and governmental institutions, to participate in discussions on trade and gender issues. It aims to create a platform for these young individuals to exchange views with WTO delegations, senior researchers, and global stakeholders. It also includes technical assistance and capacity-building sessions to enhance their understanding of the trade and gender nexus.

The Summit serves as a milestone between the first World Trade Congress on Gender held in December 2022, focusing on women’s economic empowerment through trade, and the next edition in December 2024. Besides dialogues, the event will feature a book launch, networking session, and an award ceremony for pioneers in the trade and gender research field.

Nomination criteria require nominees to be aged 20-35, exhibit interest or work in trade and gender issues, provide a motivation letter and completed application form, and have endorsement from their affiliated institution or government, which will also cover their travel expenses.

WTO members and observers, alongside academic and research institutions such as foundations, research centres, and policy research settings, are invited to submit nominations. 50 nominees will be selected by the WTO Gender Research Hub members to participate. The Summit aims to leverage the momentum generated by the previous Congress to provide young professionals with opportunities to engage in trade and gender discourse.


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