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Quiz: World Wildlife Day 2021

For World Wildlife Day on 3 March, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres is calling “on governments, businesses and people everywhere to scale up efforts to conserve forests and forest species, and to support, and listen to the voices of forest communities”.

The world’s forests, which play a vital role as both the lungs of the planet and as home to 80 per cent of all terrestrial wildlife species, are under threat. Some 90 per cent of the world’s poorest people are dependent in some way on forest resources.

Test your knowledge of wildlife and the threats it is facing in our quiz!

The world’s forests are home to around 80 per cent of all terrestrial wildlife species… but how many hectares of forest are lost each year? (Source: United Nations, 2021)

tress forest © Unsplash
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How many plant and animal species are threatened with extinction, many within decades? (Source: UNEP, 2021)

fields © Unsplash
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Soil pollution reduces crop yields and makes them unfit for consumption, endangering global food security. What percentage of the world's population is affected by soil pollution? (Source: UNEP, 2021)

seedling growing out of ground © Unsplash
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What is Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) n°15? (Source: United Nations)

sdg wheel
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What percentage of Metropolitan France’s land area is covered in forests? (Source: Office National des Forêts France, 2021)

coastal forest © Unsplash
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Out of 15,060 known species in Europe, how many are threatened with extinction? (Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2015)

no planet B poster on traffic light © Unsplash
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Which of these is a threat to 85% of all species classified as ‘threatened’ and ‘endangered’? (Source WWF)

forest © Pixabay
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Of the 454 European native tree species, how many are considered threatened in Europe? (Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2019)

forest next to lake, winter time © Unsplash
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Which Benelux country has the biggest forest area as a total % of their land area? (Source: Forest Europe 2020)

© Unsplash
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Belgium – 22,7 % Luxembourg – 35,7 % Netherlands – 11 %

Halting the loss and degradation of forest ecosystems and promoting their restoration would contribute towards mitigating against climate change as set out in the Paris Agreement by… (Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2021)

unep tree planting belgium
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