Several Key Issues to Watch at The Bonn Climate Conference

Compared to the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COPs), the Bonn Climate Conference (SB 60, 3 – 13 June) gets barely any time in the public spotlight. However, the discussions here play a critical role in shaping negotiations at COPs and provide a window into what lies ahead.

This year, at UNFCCC COP 29 in November in Baku, Azerbaijan, representatives from nearly 200 countries will seek to fulfil ambitious climate financing goals and accelerate national action on climate change to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Leading up to COP 29, the mid-year climate conference in Bonn, Germany is an important opportunity to build momentum with international stakeholders and negotiators.

The Bonn Climate Conference, also known as the 60th Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies (SB60), will bring together countries that are signatories to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It will serve as a crucial midpoint between the 28th COP in Dubai and COP 29 in Azerbaijan, and its outcomes will set the stage for the next phase of global climate negotiations.

The Foundation for Further Deliberations

Talks in Bonn aim to bridge gaps and find common ground on contentious issues. The ultimate objective is to produce a draft negotiating text, which will serve as the foundation for further deliberations at the 29th Conference of Parties (COP 29), where countries will work towards reaching a consensus on the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) for climate finance.

Addressing Climate Impacts

The conference in Bonn will also set the stage for critical discussions on addressing climate impacts, just transition pathways, and accountability. Continuing these conversations throughout the year is imperative to achieving success at COP 29.

National delegates and civil society representatives will make up a significant part of the approximately 6,000 participants expected to attend the meetings. They will focus on critical issues such as climate finance, advancing progress on the next round of national climate action plans (Nationally Determined Contributions, NDCs), the timely submission of countries’ first Biennial Transparency Reports, work on National Adaptation Plans, and accelerating climate action through a just transition, among many other important issues.

The schedule, webcast links, information for participants, and more are available on the Secretariat’s June UN Climate Meetings webpage.


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