ShareTheMeal is the charity app from the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize winner, The United Nations World Food Programme. The app allows you to seamlessly feed people all over the world with just a few taps on your phone. Conflict, climate change, disasters and inequality are causing the rate of world hunger to rise.

In November 2023, WFP’s award-winning app marks 200 million meals with users donating to communities facing conflict, climate shocks and other crises

The principle is simple: give what you can – whether it’s one meal or a year of meals – and know that it makes a difference.

In US dollars, a meal supplied by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) costs around 80 cents – less than the price of a packet of chewing gum.

It’s no wonder that since its launch in 2015, ShareTheMeal’s come such a long way. Now, the official donation app of WFP’s reached a milestone: 200 million meals served – welcome news as the organization responds to the worst hunger crisis in modern history.

In 2023, WFP needs US$23.5 billion to assist people in 177.4 million people in 78 countries. ShareTheMeal allows users to seamlessly donate life-saving food to children and families around the world.


Use ShareTheMeal to:

  • Share your meal with hungry children: wherever you are, whenever you want
  • See exactly where your donation goes and who you are helping
  • Create a team and fight hunger together with your friends
  • Learn more about how we can build a world without hunger


The ShareTheMeal app is available for Android and iOS devices

⭳ Download the app from the App Store for the iPhone or iPad – iOS
⭳ Download the app from Google Play for Android devices – Android


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