Swedish UNA: Budget cuts hurt the world´s poorest people

Swedish aid
Photo: Sida

The Swedish United Nations Associaton (UNA) has criticized the Swedish government´s revised budget proposal. The development aid budget will be cut to finance the reception of asylum seekers. The cuts amount to 10 billion Swedish kronor or over $1 billion.

“It is very serious that the world´s poorest people are made to pay for Putin´s war in Ukraine,” says Annelie Börjesson, the chairperson of the Swedish UNA.

“The reception of Ukrainian refugees will unavoidably have an effect on the state budget. However, it should not be to the detriment of the world´s poorest people.”

Dialogue continues

Sweden has a more than half a century old tradition of strong development cooperation. According the UNA this has contributed to fighting poverty and suffering in the world. At the same time contributed to improve Sweden´s image globally.

With cuts amounting to 9.8 billion Swedish kronor there is insecurity over accords on cooperation between Sweden and Swedish organisations and global partners.

“We will continue our dialogue with the government and opposition to try to decrease the effects of cuts in the aid budget,” says the UNA´s Börjesson.