The Deminer

by Hogir Hirori

The United Nations, One World Human Rights Film Festival and the Swedish Embassy presented ‘The Deminer’

The Deminer film cover
Runtime: 75′

What difference can a pair of clippers make? In deminer Fakhir’s hands: thousands and thousands of human lives. In 2003 Fakhir, a father of eight, goes on a military mission to Mosul (Iraq) to fight against the terror after the fall of Saddam Hussein. When he sees how thousands of innocent people are stricken by exploding mines he decides to become a deminer. With just a simple knife and a pair of clippers he manages to disarm thousands of mines, a task that could cost him his life at any second. But that does not make him stop. Fakhir’s ambition is greater than that, and he knows that innocent people need his help.

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The film was followed by a panel discussion with:

  • Hogir Hirori, Director of ‘The Deminer’
  • Liesbet Van Wijk, APOPO – NGO Training Rats to Save Lives
  • Rory Keane, Head of UNLOPS (United Nations Liason Office for Peace and Security)
  • Moderated by Deborah Seward, UNRIC

With an introduction from the Swedish Ambassador.

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