Racism, discrimination, and health: a human rights-based approach (UN Human Rights | European Public Health Alliance)

When? 6 November, 2023, 10.00 – 16.30 CET

Where? UN House and online, Blvd. du Régent 37-40, 1000 Brussels

Registration via EPHA’s website.


Racism and discrimination have a profound impact on people’s health and access to healthcare services; they are fundamental determinants of health. Although the evidence for the issue is becoming increasingly available, and despite states’ obligations to implement the Right to Health and eliminate all grounds for discrimination, as well as to establish monitoring frameworks with a human rights lens across public policies, European and national-level health and anti-racism policies have made little impact on the implementation of the Right to Health of racialised and ethnic communities.  

This event, co-organised by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) aims to raise awareness on the impact of racism and discrimination on health outcomes. It brings together key stakeholders across sectors and policymakers across EU institutions to provide an overview of the concrete impacts of racism and discrimination on mental and physical health, citing the most recent research developments and the challenges faced at the national and European levels. What are concrete policy solutions to counteract these impacts? How can EU and national-level policymakers mainstream anti-racism in their work to encourage concrete actions against racism and discrimination in health? Join us for a conference to connect, learn, and collectively inspire meaningful change in health equity.