UNRIC donates its stock of surgical masks to health facilities in Belgium

Between March 19 and 23, our office distributed 3,100 surgical masks to health professionals working in several institutions in Flanders and the Brussels region.

Photos of masks and of a health worker with masks provided by the UN Brussels office
© Patrick Roelands

UNRIC responded to a call by Belgian medical authorities for donations of masks to health professionals fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The Centre had a few thousand masks in stock and decided that health professionals, as well as those looking after the most vulnerable, had a more urgent need for them.

thank you note from health worker using UN donated masks

The masks were shared between St-Elisabeth hospital in Uccle, the UZ Brussel medical centre in Jette, and nursing home ‘La Cambre’. A thousand masks were also given to a doctor to share with hospitals and retirement homes in Flanders.

“On behalf of Europe Hospitals (Cliniques de l’Europe), thanks a million for the donation of surgical masks you made today with the help of Dr Moulart. We really need them, and they will be used by all our staff. Thank you for thinking of us,” wrote Evelyn Vass, Chief Operational Officer at Europe Hospitals.


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