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  • On International Day, Secretary-General calls racism ‘one of the most destructive forces dividing societies’, urges everyone to take action against scourge (21 March 2023, SG/SM/21734): https://press.un.org/en/2023/sgsm21734.doc.htm
  • Marking International Day on Eliminating Racial Discrimination, Secretary-General urges General Assembly to turn Universal Declaration into reality for all people (SG/SM/21735, 21 March 2023): https://press.un.org/en/2023/sgsm21735.doc.htm
  • Shared values of human rights, religious freedom, solidarity ‘a road map’ to combat racism, Secretary-General tells Appeal of Conscience (SG/SM/21465, 20 September 2022): https://press.un.org/en/2022/sgsm21465.doc.htm
  • International Day for Eliminating Racial Discrimination ‘an urgent call to action’ towards united world free of hate, Secretary-General tells General Assembly (SG/SM/21189, 18 March 2022): https://press.un.org/en/2022/sgsm21189.doc.htm
  • Building just future requires mending unjust past, Secretary-General says in Message to mark Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (SG/SM/21186, 17 March 2022): https://press.un.org/en/2022/sgsm21186.doc.htm
  • Secretary-General, on Day to Remember Slavery Victims, stresses crucial need for resistance stories in understanding past, as blight of racism persists (SG/SM/21180, 14 March 2022): https://press.un.org/en/2022/sgsm21180.doc.htm


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12 January 2024
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