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Visual acuity is the most common assessment of visual function. It is a simple, non-invasive measure and critical to determine the presence of vision impairment. Many people with vision impairment are unaware and accessibility of visual acuity testing is a challenge. Fortunately, most cases of vision impairment can be prevented or addressed. Regular visual acuity checks can ensure that vision impairment is identified at the earliest so that you can take action to continue enjoying your sight.

WHOeyes is a free, population-facing mobile software application (an app):

  • checks near visual acuity,
  • checks distance visual acuity,
  • is language agnostic (uses the tumbling E chart),
  • provides educational messages on how the individuals can protect their eyes.

The principle of WHOeyes is based on how an eye care professional would assess visual acuity using a conventional chart in a clinical setting. The accuracy and usability of the app were tested in three separate research studies. WHOeyes is suitable for anyone aged over 8 years.

WHOeyes is available for both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems and is compatible with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The app is available in 6 United Nations languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Join the millions of others globally and download the WHOeyes app today.


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