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Yearly Archives: 2007

Stolen Childhoods

"Stolen Childhoods", by Len Morris Screened on 17 October 2007 Runtime: 85' Filmed in seven countries, Brazil, India, the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Kenya and Nepal, Stolen...

À la maison de verre

"À la maison de verre", by Romuald Sciora Screened on 28 June 2007 Runtime: 104' A unique look inside the United Nations Secretary-Generalship. In “À la maison...

Draw the line & La Guerre et la Paix Selon l’ONU

"Draw the line" & "La Guerre et la Paix Selon l’ONU" Screened on 2 May 2007 Runtimes: 28' & 52' "Draw the line" (by Michel de Wouters)...

UN Footsoldiers

"UN Footsoldiers", by Richard Puech and Charles Bernard Screened on 21 March 2007 Runtime: 52' A 52 minute documentary about the work of three members of UN...

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