IFC: Future Keepers

As countries across the Pacific look ahead to recovery in the wake of the impact from COVID-19, key policymakers and leaders from the private sector have given an insight into how they remain resilient in the face of huge challenges.

While many nations across the Pacific were largely spared the health crises seen in other countries, they did not escape the economic carnage. Home to some of the most remote island states in the world, the Pacific felt the financial impact of the pandemic with the tourism-dependent countries in particular hit hard as the vital sector came to a standstill. Fiji and Papua New Guinea also experienced significant outbreaks of the virus.

Some of those experiences along with the myriad other challenges people in these countries face on a regular basis are now the focus of a new IFC Pacific podcast mini-series, called Future Keepers, which launches today. Featuring leaders from organizations across the Pacific, Future Keepers offers valuable insights into how they have sought to overcome these challenges and forge ahead through these difficult times.

Disease outbreaks, devastating cyclones, gender inequality, climate change and sustainable growth: Leaders from Pacific organizations confront huge challenges and opportunities.

This series of candid interviews include Nikita Patel, Chief Financial Officer of Fiji’s largest home improvement retailer Vinod Patel & Company, Jay Bartlett, Managing Director of Solomon Islands construction and logistics company Hatanga, and Dame Meg Taylor, former Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum and the first Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman for IFC and MIGA.