UNICEF: Hidden Heroes


In this eight-episode podcast series, travel the globe to meet women and girls taking a stand against gender injustice – and saving lives along the way. Join host Beth Murphy for intimate conversations with these hidden heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each episode is followed by a “deep dive” companion piece, in which experts in equality and public health help us better understand the forces driving harmful practices, violence and other rights violations worldwide.

Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Hidden Heroes is produced by Principle Pictures. It is hosted and reported by social justice journalist, filmmaker and impact producer Beth Murphy. Written and produced by Amory Sivertson. Sadie Zuch is the associate producer. Mix and sound design by Mike Moschetto. Editing by Erika Lantz. Additional field production by Najwa Alawi, Shoaib Fakhruddin, Bahti Musa and Daniela Granados. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.