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CTBTO Spectrum

CTBTO Spectrum is the semi-annual, English language publication of the CTBTO that profiles key issues and aspects of the organization’s work. In addition to spotlighting major players in the field of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, it also features Verification Highlights, Verification Science and Potential Civil and Scientific Applications. Readers can subscribe online or receive CTBTO Spectrum on a regular basis.

Disarmament forum / Forum du désarmement 
http://www.unidir.org/publications/disarmament-forum (English & French)

Each issue of this quarterly, bilingual (English-French) journal, issued by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), focuses on a specific topic related to disarmament and security. Disarmament Forum offers essential, in-depth, up-to-date information and clear analysis written by experts, and targeted to researchers, diplomats, teachers, students and all those who have a strong interest in security, disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation. Each issue of Disarmament Forum is available on-line in its entirety.

Saving Lives: Bi-annual United Nations bulletin for national officials working on small arms control
English: https://www.un.org/disarmament/2018/10/23/savinglives-issue1
French: https://www.un.org/disarmament/fr/2018/10/24/savinglives-issue1-fr/
Spanish: https://www.un.org/disarmament/es/2018/10/24/savinglives-issue1-sp/

At the 2018 UN small arms review conference, governments agreed to use national points of contact to strengthen the exchange of information and other forms of international cooperation.
This bulletin fills that gap. We aim to inform national authorities every six months on good practices in small arms control and the latest developments in the United Nations, so that they have access to the most authoritative and tested methods and policies.
If you, as a national official working on effective small arms control, are easily able to retrieve state-of-the-art tools and information, this will contribute to the goal of ‘disarmament saving lives’: the key objective on conventional arms regulation in the UN Secretary-General’s ‘Disarmament Agenda’.”

UNODA Update (Quarterly)

The UNODA Update is a quarterly e-publication that highlights recent events and activities of the Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and other disarmament forums providing links to fuller material and documents available on the Office and related websites.

Last update: 16 November 2018

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