Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Bulletin de l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (French)
Boletín de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (Spanish)
The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is a fully open-access public health journal with a special focus on low- and middle-income countries. It was first published in 1948 and, since then, has sought to make its contents as widely available as possible. There are no article-processing charges associated with submitting to or publishing in the Bulletin. With a Clarivate impact factor of 11.1, the Bulletin is one of the top twelve journals in the field of public and environmental health.

SSDL Newsletter Issue
Prepared twice per year by the Joint IAEA/WHO Secretariat of the Network of Secondary Standards Dosimetry (SSDL).

The Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER)
The Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER) serves as an essential instrument for the rapid and accurate dissemination of epidemiological information on cases and outbreaks of diseases under the International Health Regulations and on other communicable diseases of public health importance, including emerging or re-emerging infections. An electronic bilingual English/French version of the WER is accessible every Friday and can be downloaded free of charge.

WHO Drug Information
WHO Drug Information is a quarterly journal providing an overview of topics relating to medicines development and regulation which is targeted to a wide audience of health professionals and policy makers.
Launched in 1987, WHO Drug Information communicates the latest international news and trends to regulatory agencies, academic and training institutions, researchers, consumer bodies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and focuses on topics impacting the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines, medical products, herbals and biomedicines. It presents a range of perspectives on how current challenges impact the manufacture, prescribing and access of medicines throughout the world and introduces newly-released guidance documents.

Last update: 20 February 2024