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The UN Chronicle, produced by the United Nations Department of Global Communications, has served as the Organization’s flagship magazine since 1946, providing authoritative information and debate on the activities of the larger United Nations system.
The publication began its long run on 3 August 1946 as the United Nations Weekly Bulletin. Over the decades, the magazine evolved in focus and scope alongside the Organization it served, and by 1964 it had become the United Nations Monthly Chronicle. The most recent iteration of the print edition was published as a theme-based quarterly beginning in 2007. Known as the “magazine of the United Nations”, the UN Chronicle featured in-depth articles submitted by United Nations officials, international experts and policy-makers, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations and civil society from all parts of the world. Individual issues focused on a wide variety of topics, including human rights, humanitarian concerns, and matters related to human settlements and climate change. The print edition was discontinued following the publication of a special 2018 double issue. The magazine was moved to an all-digital format on 1 January 2019.
The new, exclusively web-based UN Chronicle, launched in August 2019, continues to feature authoritative articles from a wide range of international experts and stakeholders. Returning to its roots, and taking advantage of the latest information technologies, our new website offers more varied and concise multimedia content on current topics of concern to the global community. In 1964, Secretary-General U Thant called the publication a “record of what the United Nations thinks and says and does, written for the world by the world Organization itself”. Today, the UN Chronicle proudly continues that mission as the digital magazine of the United Nations.

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Journal of the United Nations
Published daily by the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management. It is now available in a multilingual digital version, compatible with tablets and smart phones. In accordance with General Assembly resolution 71/323, material related to official meetings, including summaries, is now accessible in the six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) throughout the year.

Last update: 21 February 2024