Peace and Security

50 years, 1948-1998 : UN peacekeeping (DPI/2004, October 1998)

2000: International Year for a Culture of Peace

Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (DPI/2439B/Rev.1, May 2007) 
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Honouring 60 Years of UN Peacekeeping (DPI/2429/Rev.2, February 2008) 
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Impact of armed conflict on children: report of Graça Machel, expert of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (DPI/1834, 1996)
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International Instruments to Counter Terrorism
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Peacekeeping at a Glance (May 2007) 
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Prevention of armed conflict: report of the Secretary-General / Kofi A. Annan (DPI/2256, 2002) 
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United Nations and Darfur (Juli 2007) 
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United Nations and decolonization: questions and answers (DPI/2344/Rev.1, 2004) 

United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects, New York, 9 – 20 July 2001 (DPI/2183, March 2001)
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United Nations Interim Adminstration Mission in Kosovo – UNMIK (October 1999) 

United Nations peacekeeping: meeting new challenges: frequently asked questions (DPI/2350/Rev.2, June 2006)
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