Let’s Act Now and team up with the Smurfs to protect the ocean!

Every year, millions of tonnes of waste end up in the ocean. To protect marine life, the United Nations is teaming up with the European Union and the Smurfs to inspire everyone (young or old!) to take action to clean beaches or riverbanks across the world through the #EUBeachCleanup campaign.

The #EUBeachCleanup is a global campaign that encourages everyone, everywhere to participate in local clean-up efforts in support of Sustainable Development Goal 14: ‘Life below water’. Organised under the theme ‘Together to protect marine life’, and in collaboration with the UN’s ActNow campaign, #EUBeachCleanup kicks off on 18 August culminating on 18 September, World Clean-up Day.

Anyone can join. The more the merrier! So gather your colleagues, friends, family, and neighbours, and simply register as an individual or create a team on the ActNow app.

Once registered, it is up to you and your team members to log your actions anywhere in the world on the app. The number of actions will be tallied up, and will showcase how individual and team actions can make a difference.

Recent extreme weather events, from flooding to wildfires, highlight the urgency and importance of acting now and changing our daily habits to make a difference globally. Let’s Act together to protect our marine life, Now.



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