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New UNAIDS ‘Against the Odds’ podcast adds to growing list of UN audio content

In “Against the Odds“, a brand-new podcast series from UNAIDS, extraordinary people are asked what made them winners when all the odds were stacked against them. How did they overcome life-changing challenges? And what have they learned along the way?

Featured are a prize-winning photographer, a top-level lawyer, committed social activists, artists and creators – all amazing individuals who are passionate about what they do. All have been affected by HIV and AIDS, either directly or indirectly, and all share personal stories of challenge and survival.

The new series joins a growing list of podcasts produced by the United Nations and its Agencies, Funds, and Programmes. Our dedicated podcast section features more than 50 series from over 25 UN entities. Among them, two series produced in-house at UNRIC: ‘Time To Turn The Tide‘ features interviews with high-level figures, broadcast ahead of the UN Oceans Conference 2022 that took place in Lisbon. In the ‘Inside UN Bonn‘ series, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the UN in Bonn, the podcasts tell stories reflecting the diversity of the work of the people that work there.


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