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Looking for an online team challenge during #COVID19 lockdown? Creative minds at home—teachers, students, parents, children and families— are invited to bring to life videos on why the world needs to save an important component of the planet’s rich biodiversity. The focus of the Oceans Video Challenge is the world’s magical coral reefs, home to a quarter of sea life.

The Save the Ocean Creative Challenge is organised by The Ocean Agency, Adobe and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as part of the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign – a global campaign using creativity and colour to rapidly accelerate ocean conservation and climate action.

The task is to create a short video about why the world needs to urgently support greater ocean protection and climate action. They want to know what you’ve learnt about how coral reefs—one of the most biodiverse places on earth—provide invaluable services that support our human well-being, and even make life on earth possible.

The challenge is designed to help participants gain skills to plan, sequence and craft an informative and persuasive video, while at the same time developing knowledge about oceans, coral reefs and the impacts of climate change. It is also a great opportunity to increase family and community learning engagement and to share with social networks while practising physical distancing to help flatten the coronavirus curve.

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