COVID-19: Aggiornamenti dal sistema ONU – 2 Aprile


WHO and Rakuten Viber fight COVID-19 misinformation with interactive chatbot (31 March 2020):

Off-label use of medicines for COVID-19, Scientific brief (31 March 2020):

Medical Product Alert N°3/2020: Falsified medical products, including in vitro diagnostics, that claim to prevent, detect, treat or cure COVID-19 (31 March 2020):


WHO/Europe calls for “unity on all fronts” during briefing for ambassadors as COVID-19 pandemic accelerates (1 April 2020):

UNRIC Italia

COVID-19 – WMO – Previsioni e monitoraggio di tempo e clima sono a rischio, ammonisce l’Organizzazione meteorologica mondiale:
COVID-19 – WHO lancia l’allerta sui prodotti medici falsificati:
COVID-19 – WHO/Europa – Unità su tutti i fronti mentre accelera la pandemia:
COVID-19 – ILO – Cinque modi di proteggere gli operatori sanitari:


UN News

‘Working round the clock’ to aid Venezuelan refugees and migrants during COVID-19 pandemic: UN agencies (1 April 2020):

COVID-19: International community must step up to prevent pandemic from devastating vulnerable on the run (1 April 2020):

WHO concerned over rapid escalation in COVID-19 spread as caseload approaches one million (1 April 2020):

COVID-19: Czech Roma community steps up to face mask challenge (1 April 2020):

Protecting the Caribbean’s most vulnerable people in the face of COVID-19: A UN Resident Coordinator blog (1 April 2020):

Low-skilled workers, developing countries at risk of steep economic decline as coronavirus advances (1 April 2020):

Nigeria: UN and partners acting to avert coronavirus spread in displacement camps (1 April 2020):

Coronavirus pandemic threatens to plunge millions in Arab region into poverty and food insecurity (1 April 2020):

COVID-19 effect casts cloud over weather alert accuracy: UN sky watchers (1 April 2020):

UN refugee agency ‘rapidly adjusting’ the way it works amid COVID-19 pandemic (1 April 2020):


COVID-19 likely to shrink global GDP by almost one per cent in 2020 (1 April 2020):


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UN supports Latin American countries in urgent effort to stop COVID-19 spread (1 April 2020):


COVID-19: One War that Must Be Fought (In: Politically Speaking, 28 March 2020):


IAEA to Ship Vital Testing Equipment to Countries in the Fight against COVID-19 (1 April 2020):


Podcast – Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis (1 April 2020):

We’re coming to you ahead of schedule with an extra edition: an interview with IFAD’s President Gilbert Houngbo on how the novel coronavirus has impacted IFAD’s work.


Five ways to protect health workers during the COVID-19 crisis (1 April 2020):


Economic Policies for the COVID-19 War (1 April 2020):

IMF Staff completes Discussions for a US$221 Million Disbursement to Senegal in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic (1 April 2020):


IMO urges keyworker exemptions for crew changes and repatriations, Briefing (1 April 2020):


Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela During COVID-19 Crisis: As Needs Soar More Inclusive Measures and Aid Are, Joint UNHCR-IOM Press Release (1 April 2020):

IOM Steps Up Response for Migrants Stranded in Niger Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown (1 April 2020):


COVID-19: Here’s how some countries are addressing the digital education divide (31 March 2020):

COVID-19: How digital learning solutions are taking shape (30 March 2020):


COVID-19: Do not forget internally displaced persons, UN expert urges Governments worldwide (1 April 2020):


From where I stand: “I am fearful for smaller countries that have limited resources during COVID-19” (1 April 2020):


Could coronavirus lead to a “positive peace”? (1 April 2020):


Communiqué – African Ministers of Finance – Immediate call for $100 Billion support and agreement the crisis is deep and recovery will take much longer, Second online meeting, held on 31 March 2020:


Coronavirus, faith leaders and sustainable development (2 April 2020):


#DontGoViral: UNESCO and i4Policy launch a campaign to crowdsource local content to combat the Infodemic in Africa (1 April 2020):

When Ѕосіаl dіѕtаnсіng hits Саrіbbеаn sociability (1 April 2020):

Great apes and covid-19, an additional threat to already endangered species? (1 April 2020):

How Latin American cities cope with the Coronavirus outbreak: the example of Montevideo (1 April 2020):

Alternative Solutions to School Closure in Arab Countries to Ensuring that Learning Never Stops (1 April 2020):

UNESCO hosted a Virtual Ministerial Dialogue on Covid-19 and Open Science – Iran (1 April 2020):


New ESCWA brief: 8.3 million people will fall into poverty in the Arab region due to COVID-19 (1 April 2020):

MITIGATING THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 on Poverty and food insecurity in the Arab region:


COP26 Postponed (1 April 2020): 


Guidance Note – Connectivity for Refugees COVID-19 (1 April 2020):

Refugees and migrants from Venezuela during COVID-19 crisis: as needs soar more inclusive measures and aid are essential, Joint UNHCR-IOM Press Release (1 April 2020):


IPA, WHO and UNICEF launch Read the World on International Children’s Book Day to support children and young people in isolation (2 April 2020):

COVID-19 pandemic could devastate refugee, migrant and internally displaced populations without urgent international action, Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore (1 April 2020):


Call for Blog Contributions: Regional Dimension of the COVID-19 Response


Building resilience against biological hazards and pandemics: COVID-19 andits implications for the Sendai Framework:


Stopping coronavirus – what does the evidence say are the best measures? (20 March 2020):


UNU-WIDER joins research consortium to launch survey on COVID-19 (31 March 2020):

Blog: When COVID-19 comes to Africa:


Volunteers for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic response (Last update: 26 March 2020):

UNV Executive Coordinator addresses UN Volunteers on COVID-19 (30 March 2020):

UN Volunteers join COVID-19 response (1 April 2020):


UNWTO Launches a Call for Action for Tourism’s COVID-19 Mitigation and Recovery (1 Apr 2020):

Message from Madrid: Tourism and COVID-19 (1 Apr 2020):


WMO is concerned about impact of COVID-19 on observing system (1 April 2020):

Economic slowdown as a result of COVID is no substitute for Climate Action (24 March 2020):