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As podcasts continue to grow in popularity around the world, we are featuring over 70 series and standalone podcasts produced by the United Nations, its agencies, funds and programmes. Search through our A-Z list below or check-out our one-stop shop listing to start listening now. United Nations podcasts are available on most mainstream platforms, including; Spotify, Apple, Google or Soundcloud.

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United Nations Podcasts (A-Z)

UNCTAD: Weekly Tradecast

podcasts explore how major economic events affect developing countries and the lives of billions of people around the globe.

UNDP: Digital What!?

a podcast series that explores the digital landscape from the perspective of various experts, taking you from Digital..What!? To Digitally Savvy!

UNDP: Humans of UNDP

hear firsthand stories from your colleagues around the world about how digital comms transformed their work and their communities.

UNDRR: Voices in Resilience

In each episode, UNDRR tells you how environmental disasters can be prevented. In addition to sharing stories of resilience (in Spanish).

UNDRR: Water Management

Managing water resources, such as rivers and groundwater, can play a key role in reducing the death and destruction from future disasters.

UNECE: Innovation Matters

explores how innovation, or experimentation with ideas to create value, is changing our world and could drive progress toward the SDGs.

UNECE: One World, Zero Waste? The Circular Economy Explained

Explores some of the key challenges and opportunities from a circular economy, with insights from a diverse range of expert guests.

UNECE: UN Forest Podcast

Each episode of The UN Forest Podcast features special guests and speakers who bring you insights on forests as our strongest allies in fighting climate change and creating a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.


series asks mayors and urban experts how they can join forces to share ideas and address city challenges related to the pandemic.

UNEP: Financing Nature (Special COP27)

the five-episode series builds awareness of the need for private finance in delivering the nature-positive outcomes we urgently need for climate mitigation and adaptation.

UNEP: Resilience – The Global Adaptation Podcast

The podcast that brings you inspiring stories from people all over the world who are adapting to climate change in practical, creative and innovative ways.

UNEP: State of the Planet

This podcast brings together scientists, UN experts, civil society, governments, businesses and others to discuss the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

UNESCO Green Citizens podcast

New UNESCO Green Citizens podcast series brings you to the frontlines of citizen-led climate action from the comfort of wherever you are.

UNESCO: “Great Voices of UNESCO”

Five new "Great Voices" podcasts are now available, featuring the timeless words of major thinkers and personalities (French)

UNESCO: “Think Critically, Click Wisely”

The podcast series is a condensed version of UNESCO's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Think Critically, Click wisely: Media and Information Literacy in the next normal.

UNESCO: Leadership for Equality

“Leadership for Equality”, a unique podcast series to build new momentum for gender equality. The series features fantastic women leaders joining their voices to celebrate women’s successes.

UNESCO: Leading SDG4 conversations

Curated by the SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee's Inter-Agency Secretariat, based at UNESCO. Join thought leaders and experts in transformative education as they engage in insightful discussions, sharing valuable knowledge and best practices to propel us towards achieving the Education goal by 2030.

UNESCO: The Policy Nerd Podcast Channel

The place where top thinkers come to talk concrete data and debate policy solutions that would reset us along a more equitable and smarter path.

UNFCCC: It’s Possible

UNFCCC series that aims to inspire positive change, unpack the climate emergency, and connect science and action.

UNHCR: Forced To Flee

Seven-part series revisits major upheavals that shaped the past 70 years through the eyes of displaced people and others caught up in events.

UNHCR: Vluchtnummers | Flight Tracks

The series gives a unique insight into the stories of people who fled from war and violence and eventually built a new life in the Netherlands.

UNICEF: Hidden Heroes

Travel the globe to meet women and girls taking a stand against gender injustice – and saving lives along the way.

UNICEF: Innocenti Research Centre (IRC) podcasts

Several series providing unique insights on the methodologies and processes behind research being conducted on many of the most urgent issues facing the world’s children.

UNOAU: “She Stands for Peace”

A podcast series that explores the state of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Africa, through a series of dialogues with key actors.

UNODA & SIPRI: Responsible AI for Peace podcast

The podcasts explore the challenges artificial intelligence presents for international peace and security and connects them with the practical world of AI development.

UNODA: Disarmament Today

Features guests from wide-ranging backgrounds in the area of international peace and security, who share their own expert views and experiences on disarmament issues.

UNODC: E4J Series “Voices of Academia”

features leading academics talking about their work and research related to the topics covered by the E4J University Module Series.

UNODC: Global Judicial Integrity Network

The series features interviews with judges and international judicial experts on a variety of topics related to judicial integrity.


The "Crime Spot meets SHERLOC" is a monthly podcast that explores transnational organized crime investigations

UNRIC: Inside UN Bonn

Tells stories that haven’t been told before with guests representing the diversity of the work and people behind UN Bonn.

UNRIC: Time To Turn The Tide

UNRIC's own podcast series featuring interviews with ocean experts broadcast ahead of the UN Oceans Conference in July 2022.

UNRISD: Principles for Change

In this thought-provoking new podcast series, UNRISD examine how a new eco-social contract can break the cycle of inequality and crises.

UNRISD: SSE Essentials

Podcast series by UNRISD unpacking entries of this newly released Encyclopedia of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

UNSOM: Gobaad: Dignity for All

UNSOM podcast series to raise awareness and take action against gender-based violence (GBV) in Somalia.

UNU-EGOV: 10 Years of EGOV 2014-2024

Launch of UNU-EGOV's podcast on Spotify as part of a ten-year celebration programme. As part of the "10 Years of...

UNU-IIGH: Gender and Health Hub podcasts

Produced with the Gender and Health Hub - consolidating policy-relevant evidence on gender integration in health policies and programmes.

UNU-MERIT: Director’s Corner

discover UNU-MERIT Director’s Corner Podcast series with Director Bartel Van de Walle, with topical discussions and interviews with experts.

UPU: Voice Mail – Delivering the stories behind the post

Looks at how the post forms an essential part of the United Nations and its efforts to support sustainable development.

WFP: ‘Better Food, Better World’

paints an audio picture of food systems around the world – from farm to plate – and of all the people involved in the process.

WHO: #NoExcuse podcast

Join WHO as they delve deep into the topic of sexual misconduct, share stories of work in the field, surface obstacles to prevention, and explore making zero tolerance for sexual misconduct a part of workplace culture, WHO's new normal.