UNESCO: Leadership for Equality


On International Women’s Day 2024, UNESCO and Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) launched “Leadership for Equality”, a unique podcast series to build new momentum for gender equality.

The series features fantastic women leaders joining their voices to celebrate women’s successes. Sharing their innovative stories and lessons learned on how to lead the world, they pave the way for younger women to follow in their footsteps.

How do we reshape leadership for the good of society? How do we combat gender stereotypes embedded in the very concept of leadership and support women’s empowerment at the highest levels of decision-making? With this podcast, UNESCO invites the audience to critically rethink assumptions and get inspired by good practices to ensure societies’ resilience and strengthen governance with women at the helm.

This podcast will contribute to UNESCO’s Gender-Based Resilience Framework. The first report, Empowering women for the good of society, was unveiled at the Global Forum against Racism and Discrimination in November 2023 in Brazil. It provides concrete evidence on the costs of gender discrimination that not only hinders women’s empowerment but negatively impacts the resilience of our economies and societies. 


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